contact info

Monteith Building Consutancy
13 Shackel Avenue
NSW 2111
Phone: 9817 3472
Mobile: 0417 286 799
Fax: 9817 4379

Services we do:

  • Building Inspections for the purpose of Expert Reports for litigation.
  • Determine solutions to overcome building defects.
  • Assist in the settlement of building disputes by providing Expert Determinations.
  • Provide facilitative mediation between parties to a dispute.
  • Provide early warning technical advice when contracts start to wobble.

There is no limit to the geographical areas of inspections but costs can sometimes be prohibitive. Where necessary forensic examinations and tests can be carried out to achieve a result. When a multi discipline approach is required our experience allows us to co-ordinate specialist professionals to achieve a result. We provide honest, direct advice which may not always be want you wish to hear.